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SQLCourse.com - This is the original SQL Tutorial site that allows you to practice what you learn on-line including: creating tables, inserting, updating, deleting, and dropping.

dbaSupport.com - A complete guide for Oracle dbas, including study guides, Oracle news, and online discussions

Technology & Programming Tutorials Includes: C/C++ - Pascal - Perl - Python - Ada - Fortran - Java - JavaScript - Game Programming - MUDs - Assembly Language - Linux - vi - GIMP - GTK+ - vi - HTML - Sound & Music - Electronics - Science

- List of SQL Tutorials from Database Central - Includes a very large collection of SQL Tutorials plus specific Tutorials for a wide variety of DBMS's

An excellent collection of Oracle Specific Resources - Includes Oracle tips, tutorials, add-ons, FAQs, Reviews, Books & Magazines, Discussion forums, and user groups - from SearchDatabase.com

www.programmingtutorials.com - Includes a large collection of tutorials including: Visual Basic - QBasic - C - C++ - CGI - JavaScript - Java - VRML - ADA - DELPHI - SQL - PERL

www.findtutorials.com - tutorials search engine on the web, tutorials on any subject listed in a searchable directory... And all of them are for free

A very popular/comprehensive SQL Tutorial

SQL Tutorials from AllTheWeb.com

The Link Zone - Includes: Visual Basic - C - C++ - Java - JavaScript - SQL - CGI - Active Server Pages - Web Development - Unix - ISDN - HTML

A Gentle Introduction to SQL

UnixTools's list of Useful Free & Shareware Tutorials. Includes: Unix, Systems Administration, Perl, Java, SQL

Free Education on the Internet Free Education on everything including subjects such as Accounting - Economics - Finance - Electronics - Construction - Engineering - Computer Science - Mathematics - Science - Social Science - etc

Gary Beene's VISUAL BASIC WORLD This site contains over 250 URLs of Visual Basic Information as well as a very nice on-line Visual Basic Tutorial

sqlwire.com - Excellent/Free Resources to the SQL Community

Buy your SQL Books at Fatbrain.com

www.trainingroup.com - you can find TONS of training resources at this site, includuing: Java, Conferences, Jobs, Books, Unix, Sun, Tutorials, etc.

A practical Linux Portal - links to the most useful and practical Linux sites

www.CramSession.com is dedicated to the IT Professional interested in Certification - Microsoft Certification - Novell - A+ Certification - Unix Certification - Cisco Certification

Click here to continue your SQL/Oracle Training -- over 10 hours of FREE training and Study Guides for Oracle's Certified Professional exams, as well as articles, tips, utilities, etc.

Yahoo's Structured Query Language Club!

Java, C++, & other Tutorials including: Windows NT Administration - SQL - UNL Library

Nerd World - Browse over 10,000 Nerd Sorted Categories

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